Team Sponsorship


Option 1

Your Team receives money directly from sponsors made out to your team.  This provides teams with immediate access and control over funds!  Funds collected in excess of total team expenses must be returned to sponsors.


Option 2

Your Team establishes a GoFundMe campaign linked to Sharon Springs Athletic Association.  At the end of the month Sharon Springs receives the money it will transfer money (net of 3rd Party Fees) to your team via PayPal.  Funds in excess of team expenses will be retained by Sharon Springs for use in its programs. 

GoFundMe Directions


Fundraise For Nonprofit

Sharon Springs Athletic Association

Sharon Springs Athletic Association

From the GoFundMe Home Page Select Fundraise for Nonprofit


Sharon Springs Athletic Association

Sharon Springs Athletic Association

Sharon Springs Athletic Association

Enter Sharon Springs Athletic Association and select to fundraise for Sharon Springs Athletic Association (EIN 58-2129882) 


Set-up Your Campaign

Sharon Springs Athletic Association

Set-up Your Campaign

Sign into, or create, your account and establish your team's campaign!  Email your Campaign Name and PayPal funding email or phone number for funds to be transferred at the end of the month that Sharon Springs receives the funds!


As you get Sponsorships from businesses be sure to offer exposure to team followers such as:

* A logo on your banner

* Communication to your team recognizing Team Sponsors

* A sponsor award they can display at their location

Also, each team should send sponsors thank you letters indicating the sponsor amount and year of sponsorship!

It is up to each business/sponsor to determine the tax treatment of their sponsorship.


Check Payable to Sharon Springs

While not preferred due to the lack of administrative resources at Sharon Springs, Sponsors who will not pay your team directly or use GoFundMe, may write a check to Sharon Springs Athletic Association (and denote the team name in the memo section). You or the Sponsor must mail the check to:

Attn: FinLogic, LLC

C/O Sharon Springs Athletic Association 

6030 Bethelview Road, Suite 304

Cumming, Georgia 30040

You must also email with the team name Sharon Springs should write the check to as well as the address for payment to be sent.  Sharon Springs will make all efforts to remit payments within 5 weeks of receiving the Sponsorship and all required remittance information.

Please do not hand checks to Board Members, Coaches or Volunteers as doing such can significantly delay or prevent the proper processing of the Sponsorship.  

Sharon Springs may retain a fee of 10% of the Sponsorship for any sponsorship checks sent to Sharon Springs to cover the administrative time and costs of processing